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i-taros is on the way to the international patent

i-taros is implementing completely new software technology – the Model Based Application Generation (MBAG). This technique is invented by B&IT.

Software programs nowadays are usually compiled using development environments, frameworks or other code generators. Software developers formulate the program using programming languages, convert it into the source code and, if necessary, translate it into machine language. In case of amendments, the program code must be generated again and again, then tied to a program and transferred to run-time environment. This is usually complex and can be done only by software developers.

With the new MBAG software technology, however, software applications do not have to be programmed any longer. Instead, software applications are configured automatically using models. Such application model forms processes, data structures, behaviour, surface and other components of an application. The individual components are combined in an application using configuration with functional modules. This can be also accomplished by experienced users. Once developed application can be adapted and extended really flexible and fast, since in each case only the appropriate model must be changed. Also new applications can be generated automatically within shortest time.

The creation of software applications is much simpler with the new technology and clearly more cost efficient than conventional techniques.

MBAG and i-taros form a highly innovative software technology and are the subject of an international patenting.

The patent right registration is promoted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) within the framework of the SME patent campagne "SIGNO – protection of ideas for the commercial use".


i-taros Update 3.7.05

The new i-taros version is online now.

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