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i-taros becomes a platform-as-a-service

At the moment in the core segments of many businesses tailor-made software solutions are needed more often, since they bring crucial competitive advantages and are success-critical. Also the need of solutions, which are used only occasionally and/or on a temporary basis or project-related, is growing because of increasing work on different projects and higher agility requirements within many areas. Standard software is mostly not flexible enough and too expensive for such areas of application.

The creation of tailored web-based software solutions and their preparation for use require an appropriate infrastructure for the development, operations and support on the one hand, and human resources with know-how for appropriate procedures, methods, technologies, etc., on the other hand. If a solution is put in use, there has to be ensured not only a continuous monitoring, maintenance  and tendance of the overall system besides ongoing operations but also constant adjustments and further development of provided software applications, particularly, in the business world due to constantly changing business environment.

All nowadays available products, procedures and technologies for the software development have one thing in common - there is a development work necessary for the creation, extension or change as well as for the preparation for use of the server side software applications.


In practice, there are some weaknesses appearing when it comes to such a conventional software creation and preparation for use - not only from technical side, but also from business side (e.g. regarding reaction and competitiveness ability), for instance:


  • It is relatively time-consuming, accordingly costly and fraught with risk.
  • Conventionally created software usually cannot be adapted fast and meet the conditions of changing environment, since the program code has to be generated again and again, tied together with a program and transferred to run-time environment.
  • In addition, there are also special programming and/or IT-knowledge necessary. So far only IT-specialists are in the position to create a software, adapt it to special requirements or extend it as well as – in particular with larger server- based and data bases software systems (e.g. often with business solutions) - to prepare it for the use.  However, Germany already today is lacking about 45,000 software developers annually, and we count on the fact that this tendency will continue due to the demographic development in the future.


The i-taros technology, which is based on the procedures for model-driven generation of applications (Model Based Application Generation (MBAG) - in patenting process),  contrary to the conventional development procedures allows changes or an extension of web-based  software applications (also complex, integrated business solutions) as well as its immediate use without any programming, compilation or installation. Newly created applications or any changes and/or extensions of already existing applications are immediately available in the integrated application platform and can be used by the users immediately without any further actions.


i-taros has become even more suitable to the requirements of a simple, fast and flexible software creation and also use. Therefore, the system was developed further to an application platform as a service (aPaaS), which will prospectively be made available as a service on the internet.

With such a software platform, which is based on the new MBAG procedures, web-based software solutions can be provided, adapted or extended as well as brought to the use also by experienced users and even for complex areas of application and in a fraction of the time and resources (according to first estimates, it is assumed that up to 90% of creation expenditures could be saved in this way). Decidedly developer- or operating-know-how will no longer be needed for it.

The prototypical development of the aPaaS-component for i-taros was promoted by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) in the context of the funding program "Central innovation program for small business" (ZIM).


i-taros Update 3.7.05

The new i-taros version is online now.

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