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  • i-taros software... your way to efficiency
  • New software without coding...

    ...within the shortest time simply per mouse click – thanks to new MDAG technology
  • Tailor-made solutions...

    ...starting from single services up to entire business solutions in the cloud
  • Optimal organisation and coordination...

    ...integrate with i-taros, plan the processes continuously and operate efficiently and effectively
  • Networked activities in an easy way...

    ...through integrated business support, shared data and worldwide availability round the clock
  • Your data belongs to you... protection and security through modern security features
  • And whenever you need any help…

    ...individual and professional service through experienced solution partners

Tailor-made digital business solutions and business models in the cloud - easy made and fast available!

i-taros is a well-proven web-based software platform in the cloud that has been in use since 2004, enabling digital business solutions to be created tailored-made, quickly and cost-effectively.

The system is excellent

  • to digitalize cross-company business processes

  • to create software-as-a-service applications

  • to create business solutions in the cloud

  • as a back-end system for digital business models

  • as a back-end system for mobile applications

  • as an integration platform as well as a central data platform

i-taros is based on proven expertise in modern information technologies and digitalization. It implements a worldwide new method for the model-based creation of digital solutions for the cloud (in patenting in EU (EP 14789530.4) and USA (US 2016/0239272)).

i-taros consists of

  • an integrated software toolbox for modeling processes, structures and tailor-made digital business solutions (system tools)

  • a multifunctional integration platform for the easy and fast integration of other, even local IT systems and databases as well as for data exchange with mobile applications (mobile computing)

  • a runtime environment (application platform) for the generation and delivery of digital business solutions in the cloud

  • easy-to-adapt, fully integrated standard (basic applications) for direct use or as solution building blocks

  • flexible evaluation and reporting functions

What's special about i-taros solutions:

  • With i-taros, you can create tailor-made solutions in the cloud – and with this you achieve a unique combination of the benefits of individual digital business solutions and business models with the benefits of cloud and mobile computing. The world's most advanced method for creating and enhancing digital solutions and the innovative i-taros platform technology (in patenting in EU (EP 14789530.4) and USA (US 2016/0239272) make it possible!

  • i-taros-based business solutions are created and set up within a very short time and at competitive conditions. Users can configure their own solution to a large extent, thus saving external customization costs.

  • Standard features include many basic functionalities and Office applications (such as groupware, central document management, correspondence, etc.). They are automatically integrated with all i-taros solutions and can be used immediately without any additional costs.

  • i-taros solutions are scalable and can be flexibly adapted to meet new requirements deriving from changing environmental conditions and the development of your business - your costs are made more flexible, risks are reduced and competitive advantages are secured.

  • By integrating with other, even local IT systems and databases, as well as due to the ease of change and the extensibility of i-taros solutions, you protect the reuse of existing IT systems and your IT investments.

  • i-taros complies with all international security standards - it offers all modern security functions (firewalls, encrypted data exchange, etc.), is operated solely in European based cloud data centers. It also has a separate database for each client. On request, data can also be stored on site, without having to give in the advantages of central cloud computing.


i-taros Update 3.7.05

The new i-taros version is online now.

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SME patent

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i-taros in Patentierung:

  • EP 14789530.4
  • US 2016/0239272



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